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Our Services to Link World Business

Efficient Purchasing Operation with Comprehensive Risk Management in Your China Business, is ZEAL PARTNER’s ultimate Goal.

Product Sourcing

Our experienced designers help to shoot and create high-quality product photos.

Factory & Supplier Audit

We help you travel to the supplier’s warehouse for assessment.

QC & Inspection

We can reduce the defect rate to 0 and solve the quality problems.

Shipping & Export

Our experienced designers help to shoot and create high-quality product photos.
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What You Can Get From Us

Quick Launch Selected Manufacturer in China

We have a strong supply chain, which spans many industries. The selected suppliers have high-quality products and services, which can greatly reduce your trade risks and save your time.

Free Sourcing Process

The procurement process is completely free, but generates a reasonable commission when you make a purchase through us. Additionally, you can enjoy free quality inspection and temporary storage.

Turn Your Product Idea Into Physical Samples

When you have any product idea, but you can’t communicate with the manufacturer, give us your idea, and we will protect and turn them into a product that can be sold repeatedly.

Efficient Productions Follows-up

We can track your orders in a timely manner, and conduct quality inspections during the production process to ensure that your orders are safe in China.

E-commerce Seller Complete Solutions

We offer a complete range of services for e-commerce sellers on Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, etc. These services include customization, quality inspection, labeling, packaging, and door-to-door delivery.

Fast 1-on-1 Service

When you submit your inquiry, you will get a dedicated customer representative. Due to time zone differences, our customer representative will respond to you within 8 hours of receiving your inquiry.

200+ Clients Successful Case by Zeal Partner

We have clients with various business all over the world. Listen to what they’ve said about us.

Solutions for Types of Sourcing Needs

Common and Standard Products

With specification, drawings and data provided by clients, We can help you with Supply Chain Optimization, Price Negotiation, Quality Improvement and Competitor Purchasing Analysis.  A selected suppliers database will be provided, to build you a solid foundation for you manufacturing needs. 

Contract Manufacturing / Start From Scratch

Our Product Development and Supplier Management Experts will work closely with you to start from Scratch (product idea /prototype). None-disclosure agreement, Design analysis, Drawing review, Certification, Routine follow-up, sample and pilot production will be provided. 

Works in 4 Easy Steps

Submit your inquiry by telling us what you need. Our customer support will email you in few hours, then assign you an agent to start your project.
Your agent will send you product quotes in two business days or less. Then we will send you product samples and you will confirm that they meet your expectations.
Confirm all product details with your agent before making a bulk order. Your agent will coordinate with factories, follow up on production, and ensure product quality.
We will help you store products in our warehouse, inspect quality, and arrange courier/sea/air shipping to any address in your country.
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