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Product Sourcing, Development & Production

Product sourcing is the process of finding manufacturers and suppliers for the products a company sells. It’s a vital part of the supply chain, and it can have a big impact on a company’s bottom line. There are a few different ways to source products, and the most effective approach depends on the product and the market. For example, some companies source products from suppliers in China, while others source products from domestic suppliers. The most important thing is to find a reliable supplier that can provide high-quality goods at a competitive price. With the right product sourcing strategy, companies can save money and improve their margins.

E-commerce Sourcing

Our e-commerce sourcing services are designed for businesses selling products on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. We provide an-to-end solution from product sourcing, supplier verification, and contract formation, right through to quality control and shipping to your door.

For established e-commerce sellers, Easy Imex will help you drive business growth by expanding the rate at which you bring new products to the market and by improving the pricing, defect rate and overall product quality of your existing range.

For startup companies new to selling on platforms such as Amazon, Easy Imex will consult on product viability and will manage the entire process including sourcing suppliers, product sample development, OEM branding and packaging, creating product instruction manuals, product photography, and delivery to your fulfilment centre.

Inventory storage and product fulfillments
Who help to provide quality product with competitive price and ship safely to Amazon warehouse.
Supplier for the product you want.
Private Label , inspect the product quality and arrange shipping
All the way from factory China through to Amazon warehouse at a competitive price.
Low cost, increasing efficient and safe option.

Pricing and Quotation Delivery Time

Within 2 days
After getting your requirement, we give your price list from the suppliers
We will get your needs.

Now more and more e-commerce
Amazon sellers need suppliers to quickly provide relatively accurate quotes and delivery dates to assess whether this product online sales will be profitable.
The same applies to bulk trade. Purchasing in China requires avoiding many trading companies on Alibaba. Trading companies generally add a certain percentage of profits.
Therefore, inquiry became an important learning.

How Do We Ensure You Get the Best Pricing?

We break down the true cost of a product through the bill of materials. We negotiate pricing to its absolute minimum which gives your business a price advantage over your competitors when importing from China. We can also lock in prices in Chinese Yuan (RMB) so that factories don’t jack up prices 3 months after you start ordering with them.Easy Imex has managed thousands of sourcing projects on behalf of hundreds of clients, across many different industries. Here’s why Easy Imex is their preferred buying agent:

• Assurance that the factory won’t collapse from unpaid debt obligations
• Legal recourse if a problem arises
• Quicker lead times
• OEM branding
• Better pricing, communication and service
• Confidence in product quality
• Access to our database of suppliers
• Greater control over their supply chain

Sourcing and Channels

Our strategic sourcing package is designed for businesses or individuals who are looking to source directly from China’s best manufacturers at the lowest possible price.  Whether you’re a startup looking to source new products for your business, or you’re an established company looking to cut out the middleman and purchase straight from the manufacturer, we have all the services you need.

We provide an end-to-end solution from product sourcing, supplier verification, and contract formation, right through to quality control and shipping to your door. Our services are specially tailored to your company’s individual needs, based on your product, its specifications and related quality requirements.

Sourcing in Practice

Below we describe, step by step, how strategic purchase works with us in practice.

You supply us with a sample or a drawing of the product that you wish to purchase at a lower cost. If you send us a sample, we will ask you to supply us with 3-4 pcs of each product (one is kept at our office and remaining pcs are sent to selected suppliers). We also need your estimated annual quantity and your target price. All relevant additional information (like drawings, technical specifications etc.) is also wanted.
Supplier sourcing and offer
We will search for a suitable supplier and come back to you with a quote. Our quote will show you an approximate landed price, including the following: a) Price of the product b) Transportation cost c) Customs fee d) Our commission
Order of samples
If you decide to take it one step further, we will arrange for production of samples for your approval. Sample orders usually require a tooling cost or mould fee to be paid.
Test order
Next step is to produce a test order. Some of our customers choose to, already at this stage, place largers orders for mass production if they feel confident that everything will work out well without problems.
Mass production
When you have accepted and approved of the test order, regular mass production can begin.
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