Import & Export

Interpreting & Communication

With over 11 years of experience in the interpreting and sourcing industry, we are able to align our knowledge, craft, and resources to provide excellence in professional interpreting in China. As a leading & experienced sourcing agent in Shanghai, Zeal sourcing is committed to world-class service that our clients expect in today’s business communication and interpreting. Zeal sourcing earns a good reputation for its professional business inquiry and communication skills. Cost-Breakdown & Negotiation Using our Chinese bilingual negotiators and eliminating middlemen, we can often reduce prices by 5% to 50%. Our existing relationships with factories can provide you with preferential prices. Our in-house processes identify and vet suppliers to match your quality, cost, and delivery time requirements. Payment risks are reduced by negotiating and confirming payment requirements and procedures.

Delivery On-Time​

Zeal sourcing show full respect for the delivery time. We always agree to a reasonable deadline Zeal sourcing are a hundred percent clear on what is expected of us, and the timeline the project should be completed in Everybody on our team, is aware of the deadline, and that they are also aware of the fact that it’s imperative that the project is completed in the set amount of time. Always make sure we are ahead of schedule, work in advance, and give ourselves plenty of time to complete the project. We are very careful of over committing. Hold ourselves accountable

Shipping Logistic Custom Clearence

Shipping and Documentation: Zeal sourcing arranges all necessary documents such as COA’s, CO’s, and CE certificates and any and all other product specific certifications. We also arrange the trucking, customs clearance and shipping of all goods. For some countries, such as the UK, Australia, France, and USA, we are able to provide door to door services, including customs clearing in both China and your country.
Logistics Planning: Logistics management is critical to reduce costs when dealing with multiple suppliers. We use product consolidation and other services to keep your logistical costs in check.
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